Avon Ayurvedic Whitening Cleanser

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100 gm Cleanser by Avon

A Blend of 19 Ingredients with Turmeric, Kesar, Sandalwoodfor Healthy Fairness In 7 Days From Within.

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100 gm Cleanser by Avon

A Blend of 19 Ingredients with Turmeric, Kesar, Sandalwoodfor Healthy Fairness In 7 Days From Within.

Specifications of Avon Ayurvedic Whitening Cleanser (100 g)

Applied For Cleansing
Application Area Face, Neck
Skin Type All Skin Types
Composition Turmeric, kesar, sandalwood
Organic Type Natural
Quantity 100 g
Cleanser Type Lotion
Ideal For Men, Women
Container Type Tube

Avon Ayurvedic Whitening Cleanser Review and Details

Foaming action is good and even a pea amount spreads easily on face. Its gentle on my skin and works nicely. After rinsing, I did not experience much dryness on face. Skin texture shows a mild improvement. It removes unnecessary dirt collected on skin after day-work. Skin looks soft, moisturized, glowing and mildly brighter. After 6 to 8 washes, face looks more clear and soft than before. The brightness in skin is observable and the fragrance lasts for almost half an hour after washing. I did not observe much glow on face after first wash as claimed but after few days of washing, improvements in skin texture and complexion was visible.

  • Cleansing effect is mild and removes unnecessary oils and dirt
  • Fragrance is good like those of raw natural ingredients
  • Suitable for oily skin, cannot say much about dry skin. But dry skin people can try it in summers.
  • Skin looks more clear and moisturized .
  • Contains natural ayurvedic ingredients  .
  • Deep cleanses skin, Restores skin healthy balance, leaves skin with fair even tone.
  • Skin gets natural glow after 1st use, cleanses dirt & impurities from skin natural.
  • Ayurveda, Ayurvedic, healthy fairness, natural, cleansing, facewash, deep cleansing, whitening, fairness, kesar, chandan, haldi.

It melts on skin within seconds and gets absorbed easily. It reduces skin roughness and complexion on few applicationsThe texture of the cream is non sticky and its not at all heavy on my skin like normal cold creams. Skin looks mildly moisturized after application. After few weeks, face looks little brighter and glowing than before. Its suits better to medium skin tones than fair ones. The drawbacks are it does not keep skin moisturized for long hours and leaves a little white cast on skin. After few hours, it loses moisture and skin again turns to same normal texture. So, its not suited to cold and drying winter weather. It works well in the months of September-October when winters have not completely started and summers have ended.

• Instantly cleanses & refreshes skin making skin look fairer than the day before. • Makes skin look more energized and water-oil balanced.


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