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A woman desire . Misconceptions that men need to clear about women . A MUST READ FOR SINGLE MEN

What women wants ? What a woman desire ??? If this is the question , Let me straight away start with the topic . Most of the men feel , the desire of emotions is only masculine and a woman just assists in that . Come on , what is that approach . I have counselled most of the men , who come to me and ask how to approach a woman for sex ? , How to ask her out ? Will she be angry if i ask her for movie ?

What is this ? I feel the men asking these questions are actually the men who can not understand that the same questions what come into your mind are also asked by the pretty ladies to herself .

You should understand falling for somebody is common for both men and women . Rather than being afraid you and thinking what will happen , you should know what a woman desire . What a woman wants in a relationship . She just wants a good company with the same lifestyle as she wants . Man just have to figure out if the ladies expectations . The same applies with the VICE VERSA Gender .


Ironically The boys over social media feel depressed and sounds like a looser . Come on dudes . Be a man . Know what a woman desire :

Many social blogs share the quotes of sexual relation trends among youth .

They feel –

A man makes sexual act when he can , and a woman can have sex when she wants .

Are you stupid ? Why you want to be a good boy kind of dude .

The reason of this viral quote is actually the so called “GOOD BOY” men , who get rejections just because they are scared to approach a girl . Tell me one thing , have you seen any of your BAD BOY friend sharing this quote . Actually not .

Problem with the Good Boy Men

The problem with the good boy men is that they feel the act of having sex as a bad boy activity and shouting the frustration out on their love as a sign of true love .

Ask this to yourself , don’t you feel the same . I welcome the comments on the blog if you don’t .

5 Major Misconceptions within Good Boy Men , which makes it a failure for them to know what a woman desire is ?

NO 1 – Proposing a girl is a Challenge

The typical INDIAN AAM AADMI youngster proposal story .

The boy sees a girl daily , either in bus or metro or college or school or in neighbourhood . Without talking to her he listens to romantic songs and starts developing feelings for her . Than suddenly he approached her and spit out the feelings . Obviously girl has a rejection . Tell me one thing , isn’t it same situation as when you go to a temple daily and suddenly a small kid comes and start asking for food , for care . What do you do then .

don't feel shy , approach a girl , misconceptions man has about woman , a woman desire
Stop feeling shy in approaching a girl

I request all my readers to start being practical . The proposal should always happen after friendship .

NO 2 – Asking for Intimacy is a bad boy option . Understand SEX is something she wants too .

The girls have always been demanding in a relationship . The only thing is social media is making it visible to everybody now . The Good Boy men who feel the girl has chosen a bad boy over their true love should understand that she does not want to marry now and just wants to have fun around .

a woman desire , intimacy , having sex in relation
Be clear about your intimacy

I am not saying whether it is right or wrong neither i want a debate on that .

I just want to say the Chanakya had already pointed the so called modern day spoilt girls around 1000 yrs back . The writers have descripted KRISHNA RADHA AND RASLEELA stories which happened generations back . So if you get to see the reality late , it does not mean it is new . It does not mean the world is changing . It is existing since years . Its you who choose how to live . If you don’t want to be in a relationship with a girl with physical interest its OK . But stop saying good girls do not exist .

Sex is a necessity . If you feel it should happen after the marriage , start searching that girl . Just don’t spend your life for somebody with a different mindset . If you are OK with sexual relations before marriage , you should stop being scared of the Girls reaction . She is more practical than you . Just find a way and the right moment . It will work for you .

NO 3 – A man has to pay if he visits out for a date . Understand GUYS , A woman will definitely fool a so called GOOD BOY Man .

I mean what is this , we say Girls and Boys are all equal . Then , What happens to GOOD BOY men when it comes for a date . Actually girls make fool of GOOD BOY men if you show you are a fool . Humans are definitely the animals with a greed . If you make her to save she will save .

why women should also pay on a date
Why should men always pay

The reason behind the success of BAD BOY in a relation is , he asks a woman to pay . It does not mean he is not masculine . He is definitely more Bold than a Good Boy Man is . The thing is instead of developing a greed of money , a woman falls for the care and straightforwardness of the guy . If you think paying bills , mobile recharges will make you succeed . YOU are ACTUALLY WRONG . Its the money taken from you which will be spent on the BAD BOY Lovers for their Toughness .

Stop spending dudes . She will be more interested in your masculine strengths rather .

NO 4 – Chilling Out a BEER or a Smoke will make her fall for you . How idiotic is this .

Its absolutely not . It will surely attract a girl for a company but it will not make her fall for you . She might fall for you if she is of your type , but it does not mean your BEER made her to do that . If you drink , you can offer a girl for a drink casually . It is your benefit . If you don’t , just don’t pretend you are a drinker just to be masculine . Rather find a common interest and know a woman desire before proceeding. Just be yourself . Get the man hidden inside you outside . I have seen women falling crazy for men who don’t smoke or drink but who have the real HIT MAN traits  – Like Horse Riding , The Street Fighting , Being Leaders in their groups .

The only tip to you guys is – JUST BE YOURSELF .

NO 5 – Using tinder for a woman is a sign of her Loose Character . It could be it could be not . Its all your thinking .

Anything which matches your way of thinking is good and which does not you consider it as bad . A girl using tinder or other dating application may match the way you think . But for some she might be too modern . Yes it is true. But i would say rather than wasting your time for a girl with such interests and wasting your life , start searching for something what you like . Think it like that a girl with certain mindset is actually socially active and is finding the person , the guys with her interest type .

Don’t debate if she is right or wrong , rather check out for something what is your type . Everybody has their own way of living .

So instead of creating perceptions start living a practical life.

Start following the tips , and you will see the difference .


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