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Oriflame Handbags . Top Oriflame handbags review

Oriflame handbags , especially tote bags are highly popular . Read reviews and buy best recommended Oriflame Handbags .  Oriflame , high quality international brand , is a big market in Asia , especially India , Dubai and Indonesia . Dubai is leading business revenue hub for Oriflame Bags. The high quality leather is popular among the Tourists who shop Oriflame Handbags in Dubai . The Oriflame brand was established by Swedish Brothers in year of 1967. The products since then are being sold using the multi level Marketing strategies . Multi level marketing strategies makes the memeber to get the product discounts as per the Member Level . In simple terms , the more big player you are , the more discount you will get on orfilame Products , buy the Orfilame . In return , increasing your Profits . The brand is also being regularly traded on NASDAQ QMX since 2004 . Click here to read more about  – Oriflame

Price Range – MRP Rs 1500 to Rs 9999.

Offer Price – MRP Rs 499 to Rs 4999.

Rating – 4.9 out of 5 based on 877 Customer feedbacks. Recorded on the day of writing.

Reviewed by – Urbanmadam

Reviewer Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed on – 17 May 2016.

Oriflame Handbags and Other Product Range :

Oriflame Handbags and Lipsticks are quiet in demand . But Oriflame offers sensational range which includes –

This post will provide you the reviews for top 5 Oriflame Handbags available . Read the reviews below :Oriflame Handbag 2 – Oriflame elegant business tote bag black.


  • Oriflame Handbags Bag 1 – Oriflame Pink Glamour Fashion Bag :

    The Oriflame Pink Glamour Fashion Bag is elegantly styled PU Leather Handbag by Oriflame .

    oriflame pink glamour fashion bag diagnol view
    oriflame pink glamour fashion bag diagnol view
    oriflame pink glamour fashion bag
    oriflame pink glamour fashion bag

     2,199.00  1,349.00 Read more

    The basic highlights of the top rated Oriflame Handbag– Oriflame Pink Glamour Fashion bag are –

    • Glamour Fashion Bag Stunning faux crocodile print with gold-toned brass, gives this bag a powerful stylish look. This Oriflame Handbag is surely a style shot .
    • The spacious violet-lined interior features two compartments – one main zipped pocket and one inside pocket, while “Oriflame” marks the hanging cover key ring.
    • Dimensions: 380 x 135 x 285 mm.
    • Ideal for Office / Parties / College Classes . It can be easily carried with every outfit . The bag is really stylish . Trust me Oriflame Pink Glamour fashion bag is very very stylish and classy
    • Rating 5 / 5.
    • Color – Pink .Click here to Visit the Oriflame Pink Glamour Fashion Bag product page .

Pros of Oriflame Pink Glamour Fashion Handbag , Oriflame Handbags :

  1. Makes You a Eye Catcher – Stylish Pink . It makes you eye catcher . If you are attention seeker . Definitely , this bag will make you feel good.
  2. Excellent Elegant Build Quality , International Quality – The sophisticated built bag with the rich texture and print. No need to highlight again the international quality of Oriflame Products . The same quality is being sold in European countries too .
  3. Good Space – Intelligently made pockets makes it easy to carry your necessities .


  •  Oriflame Handbags Bag 2 – Oriflame elegant business tote bag black :

    An Elegant Business Tote By Oriflame Let this beautiful bag bring a touch of originality and exoticism to your look. As the name itself highlights , it is made for business travels . It is spacious , which makes it possible to carry everything for your meeting in a style . You may carry a small size laptop too with this .

    oriflame elegant business tote bag black

     2,499.00  1,499.00 Read more

    • Oriflame elegant business tote bag black
    • Shell: 100% PU – lined with tonal 100% polyester lining.
    • One of the best selling Bags in Europe
    • Shell: 100% PU – lined with tonal 100% polyester lining.
    • Ideal for – Formal Dinner . College Class . Business meetings .
    • Color – Black
      This Oriflame Handbag is the best seller on Urbanmadam.com . We receive maximum order count for this bag .

Click here to visit Oriflame Elegant Business Bag Product Page.

Pros Of Oriflame Elegant Business Tote Bag , Oriflame handbags :

  1. Ample Space  -The bag has plenty of space to carry everything you need to have in a Business meeting . Take it your documents , your files , your folders , everything can be taken elegantly in a classy way to your meeting .
  2. Classy Evergreen Black . Goes perfect with every Clothing – The black has always been the best color to air with any other Color. You may carry Black Bag with white , pink , red or even black color dress. You Don’t have to worry if your bag goes with the dress or not . It pairs up with everything.
  3. Appealing Business Look – What if you are meeting somebody for the first time for a business meet . Definitely you need to be impressive . Whether take it in styling or with work , you have to be a impression . This bag will make it for you.


  • Oriflame Handbags Bag 3 -Oriflame Rose Of Dreams White Handbag:

    The white bold , elegant Rose of Dreams White Handbag by Oriflame . It will Enhance your Casual / Formal / Fancy attire equally .

    oriflame rose of dreams bag collage view
    oriflame rose of dreams bag collage view

     1,890.00  1,349.00 Read more

    • Ideal For College Girls / Working Professionals .
    • Multi Pockets , Material – PU
    • Ideal For College Girls / Working Professionals .
      The white color of this Oriflame Handbag is the USP of the product . The white color appeals a bold stylish and in different Trendy option .

Click here to visit Oriflame rose of dreams white handbag.

Pros of Oriflame Rose Of Dreams White Handbag, Oriflame Handbags:

  1. Striking White Color – White Color is so smoothly integrated with the texture that it makes the bag look stunningly cool .
  2. Ample Space – The white color and good space makes the bag a perfect carry Handbag for college and offices. You can carry mini laptop with the bag.
  • Oriflame Handbags Bag 4 – Oriflame Sophisticated Handbag:

    Oriflame Sophisticated Handbag.

    Oriflame Sophisticated Handbag Front View
    Oriflame Sophisticated Handbag Front View

     2,499.00  1,249.00 Read more

    • Designed with orange satin interiors & golden hardware trims, this urban chic accessory .
    • Made of PU material in cross pattern detailing in a must have shoulder bag.

    Color – Orange

Pros of Oriflame Sophisticated Handbag, Oriflame Handbags:

  1. Sleek Design – The bag is sleek and easy to carry for walks in the evening . Instead of carrying irritating wallets , you may carry sleek styled Oriflame sophisticated bag.
  2. Carry with sophistication – The bright orange bag is a perfect to carry with the fitted outfit . My suggestion is to carry perfectly with –
    White Shirt Blue Jeans High Boots and the Orange Sophisticated Oriflame Handbag.

Why to Choose Oriflame ,Oriflame Handbags:

The products are the result of four decades being in the beauty care business. The company had been in the business that long delivering only the best quality product. These products are the result of the company’s expertise in skincare and cosmetics that never ceases to develop throughout the years.  Providing its customers the best products valued for their money’s worth. These products are manufactured from the most natural ingredients under strict manufacturing standards. To carry out the Oriflame’s mission of being the No.1 Beauty Company Direct Selling and to fulfill the dreams of its members.

There are a lot of beauty and skin care products out there in the market today. Now, the big question is, why choose Oriflame?

Oriflame has been in business for 40 years now. This alone is proof enough that the business together with its products are a worthy choice. Not to mention, the program and support that it provides to its customers and members.

The company offers consultant support, sales support, incentives and money back guarantee. This allows each and every sales consultant for the company market their products with confidence and get all the leverage and flexibility they might need to achieve success in the business.

Get the Oriflame Handbags for you with Buy Urbanmadam Handbags. Visit the products range . This review is for limited bags when written . The page will be expanded with more bags . Stay updated for more interesting and detailed reviews of Oriflame handbags.


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